July 9, Two Island Lake Trip

Dear Debbie, dear Eric,
We cannot believe days have passed  so quickly!  The Trail Rides were a great experience and we enjoyed your horses as much as your nice, and also not-to-forget your tasty meals! Please keep the ranch up like this, it's so wonderful!!

Big thanks for everything-we really enjoyed our stay at Teepee heart Ranch!

Ray & Nicole Witowski - Germany

July 28, Cattle Drive

Hi Debbie & Eric,

It was just beautiful at the Teepee heart Ranch. We had a lot of fun with you and your family and with Wilfried. Please could you send me the picture of the bear, who was at the Ranch at our stay? Thank you again for all, for the great meals, the wonderful rides. It was just indescribable gorgeous. Best wishes to you and your family, to Mary & Steff the captain, to the dogs, to the horses (especially to Roan Eagle, Dreamy and Dewie)

Sandra (Sandi) & Stephanie (Steffi) The Two Swiss Girls

July 18, Cattle Drive

Dear Debbie and Eric,

 Thank you very much for everything. We enjoyed our stay very much and we really felt like a family member during the last week. The food was excellent and the cabins made us believe we were at home. Your horses are so beautiful and the trails were a great experience. Please stay as you are...

Stephanie and Rudiger - Germany

July 30, "2-Insel Ritt" Two island Lake Trip

Dear Debbie and Eric,

We've enjoyed the exciting trip and the days on the ranch. The days have passed so quickly and we are really sad about that. I'm sure that we'll come back-maybe for the Cattle Drive! Thank you for the nice time! The meals were always "lecker".

Greetings, Johanna and Sarah - Germany

Aug 2-10

Dear Debbie, Eric, Court, and Evan, (Roo and Lucy too)

Thanks for the hospitality and the awesome experience of your rancho. We'll never forget getting up at 6 am & seeing 13 horses adjacent to the bath house with such a beautiful sunrise behind. It was truly like one of those western picture books - even better! The ride today was amazing, more than Stef and I thought we could handle. Truly, we learnt a thing or two about horsemanship (horseperson-ship)! Again many thanks and we pray the blessings you've been granted continue and continue. Keep chasing your dreams

- Always, Philip, Pam & Stephanie - "HB Laings" - Huntington Beach, California

August 9, Ranch Stay

Dear Debbie, dear Eric,

We had a wonderful time at your Ranch and learned a lot about Canada and the wilderness. We enjoyed every minute with you, your cute dogs, all the horses, the's been a great experience! We will miss it! Thanks for everything, also for the delicious meals! We wish you all the best for yourselves and your Ranch!

Cathy and Sandro - Switzerland

Aug. 24, Email

Dear Debbie, Dear Eric,

Time was flying and we're already back in Switzerland. We spent 4 wonderful weeks in Canada, and the days on your Ranch were definitely a highlight! The way way back to Williams Lake through Farwell Canyon was beautiful!  Once again we'd like to thank you for the great time we had on the Ranch!! We're already missing it! We will never forget this great experience, the feeling of freedom we could enjoy, the feeling of being so close to the nature, the delicious meals, the lovely cabin, the horses and dogs and and and....and of course yourselves. It was great to have so lovely people around who took so great care of us, and we learned so much about this country in nice talks with you. If we'll ever come back to Canada ( and we hope so! ), we'll surely stay at your Ranch again!

Best Regards, Cathy & Sandro

Sept 9, Ranch Stay

Dear Debbie, dear Eric,

We spent 5 wonderful days at your Ranch. The food was more than excellent, the trails for us beginners a challenge, but this we have sought. You have made our dream come true. We will never forget how harmonious and happy we stayed. The stay was only a moment in our lives, but surely one of the most beautiful moments. Thanks for everything.

Pamela and Christian - Austria

September 23, Two Island Lake Trip

Dear Debbie & Eric,

We had a wonderful week at your Teepee Heart Ranch. Thanks for everything: the great food, the nice horses and for everything we had learned by you and Wilfried. It was very nice to stay here, to see how you live and work, and we hope we can see that once more in the future. We wish you and your ranch the best. See you as soon as possible.

Martin & Yvonne - Germany

September 27, Ranch Stay

Dear Eric and Debbie.....

We were so excited to finally visit Teepee heart Ranch....and start to explore some of the fields and trails. Our first ride on the ATV was fun...if a bit bouncy in the back. You should both be proud of all the effort and hard work you put into your first season. We will keep in touch....and return next year. Thank you so much for your hospitality.....delicious food...and a chance to visit.

Brian & Nonie - Vernon, BC

Sept. 28, Ranch Stay

Dear Debbie, Eric, Wilfried, and Copper,

You have made my dream come true. Thanks you for the wonderful 14 days I spent here. The first, the Two Island Lake Trip. It was so exciting and a great experience with the mix of weather, sun, a little bit of rain and snow! And the ranch stay with the cattle drive, I felt like a cowgirl. Thanks you so much for the delicious food. Dear Debbie and the warm and funny company dear Eric....Don't forget the deal Debbie! A lot of health for you all, see you soon again

Christa - Germany